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It’s Time to Start

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Playing Your Guitar

Do you want to take your guitar playing to the next level but can’t do it on your own?

Have you been feeling stuck in the same place for many months or years?

Or are you simply not sure where to begin?

It can be very frustrating to feel like you are just spinning your wheels and not making progress.  You try books, you watch YouTube videos, you try learning from friends, and nothing really seems to work.  There is so much music you would like to play but it’s hard to know what to do next.

If this describes you in any way, I know how you feel.  Practically all of my students originally came to me because they had also felt a similar type of frustration, and now they are progressing quickly and having a blast!  I have helped hundreds of students play great music on guitar since 2000.

Taking lessons with a pro guitarist and teacher can give you instant feedback on your playing.  They can show you what to do, how to do it, in what order to it in.  Even more importantly, lessons show you how to use what you learn in real musical contexts.  Many teachers feel the need to fill students’ heads with lots of information.  However, learning by doing is the most effective way.

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What Makes Me Different?

The guitar lessons I offer are not just average.  Not only am I a highly experienced guitarist, I am continually upgrading my skills as a teacher.  Many guitar teachers, even if they are great musicians themselves, are just “winging it” when it comes to teaching.  I have been studying to become a better guitar teacher consistently since 2017.

Here’s what you get:

A detailed lesson strategy so that you can always know what to practice, how to apply what you learn, and how to track and monitor your progress.

Extensive training.  I see my job not just as a teacher, but as a mentor, coach, and trainer.  Training is really where the transformational results come from.  You get expert training so that you can start creating great music yourself and not be dependent on someone else constantly feeding you more information.Innovative and creative ways to learn.  Without getting into too much detail, let’s just say we have programs completely unlike any other in the entire area which help the student see fast results

Community.  You’re going to feel like you are part of something bigger than just a place where you take lessons.  Countless opportunities are available to you as a student to network with others of like mind, if you choose to do so.

Opportunities to do recitals and have recording sessions.  The student recitals are always great fun, and no pressure.  It is a joy for friends and family to come and hear what you can do.  I also show some students how to record with my multi-track digital recording software.


How much are the lessons?

I have many different plans for students to choose from, each of which has a different price. Of course, price is an important factor in considering which teacher or school to take lessons from, or whether to take them at all. However, there are many other things to consider besides price. The most important thing is results. If teacher A charges 25% less than teacher B but takes twice as long to get the student results, then in the long run that teacher costs the student not only more money but more time and energy, not to mention level of enjoyment.

How long are the lessons? What if I can’t commit every week?

I offer complete scheduling flexibility.  Not get too specific as to how, let’s just say the way we structure the lessons is very convenient and easy.

Where are you located?

For obvious reasons, we won’t post our address here on the internet, but keep in mind that location is an exchange of time for value.  By decreasing the amount of time it takes to travel to a teacher, you increase the value.  But what if the value was so high that you actually save huge amounts of practice time at home (by not practicing correctly or remembering exactly what you are supposed to be practicing)?

What happens during the free lessons? Will it be an attempt to persuade me to take lessons?

Several things happen in the free lesson.  A) You learn something on guitar that is useful and relevant to you.  B) We talk about what you would like to accomplish on guitar and draw up a strategy on how we can get you there quickly.  C) If we both feel like it’s a good match, you take a look at the packages we have available and see if any of them would work for you.

Won’t it be easier if I just try and learn on my own?

You can try to learn guitar on your own, except that you may or may not be able to do it successfully.  Isn’t your time worth more than subjecting it to some kind of experiment like that?

What Students Are Saying:

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And, there’s even more value underneath the surface:

As a student, you get way more than average guitar lessons.  You get:

personal training, coaching, and mentoring.  There’s a lot more to teaching music than just “Ok, here’s something new, go home and practice it.  Have a good week.”   I’ll explain more in the free intro session.

free bonus items for reaching certain goals, hitting an anniversary in, or for a variety of other reasons.

Supplemental Material.  I have a huge library of songs and teaching resources that can be used to reinforce what you did in the lesson or simply save lots of time in the lesson.  I generally am able to avoid having to write out things during lessons, which is a poor and inefficient way to use your lesson time.

Relevant Lesson Content.  We teach what you really need, not what some book or method says you need.   Way to many students come to me who have been taking lessons or learning on their own for years and can’t even play simple songs.  It’s because their teacher or method was very specific and restrictive.  It’s a bit sad because all it takes to get you to your goals is to find out what they are, make a roadmap, and guide you down the path.

Trained teaching.  Any teacher with a few students can say they are experienced, but how many can say they continually try improve their teaching skills?

Innovation.  Because of my membership in EGTIC, explained above, I am continously learning and implementing new strategies to help students have more fun and get faster results.  What else is there than that? 🙂

Progress Tracking.  As you get better and better it gets harder to see progress clearly, if you don’t have a system. The Practice Tracker is a great system whereby students can easily see progress and keep motivated to practice.

Enjoyment.   It’s too bad there are so many people who have stories about how some music teacher sapped all the joy out of their playing with a few negative comments, or an inappropriate system, or general lack of enthusiasm.  Our whole mission is more fun, more play, and better music.

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