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Click the video that matches the style of music you are most interested in learning to play better.


This video shows a how someone who knows nothing about guitar can learn to play her favorite songs in only 1 month.  In addition, she can read standard notation and play cool tab exercises as well.

Rock guitar:

Examples of certain common rock guitar techniques are used to show how they can be ‘implemented’ (used) and ‘integrated’ (blended with other things).

Blues guitar:

A blues guitar lick is used here to show it might be ‘applied’ in real life: different keys, different tempos feels, etc.

Acoustic guitar:

Often what sounds complicated for acoustic guitarists is just a series of less complicated things put together at the same time.  By learning the simple steps first, you then learn to put it all together so that it sounds impressive.

Jazz guitar:

Even in jazz guitar which sometimes can be baffling, there are ways to simplify things so that you can have fun and be imaginative rather than overwhelmed.

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